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22. April 2017, von Michael Schöfer
Relax in your big house in Florida

Please, Mr. President, don't make war against Nordkorea, because I have mich schon so auf my Rente gefreut. Soll that jetzt all with a big bang in die Luft fliegen? All that Rentenbeiträge completely exploding for nothing? I like Champignons, not Atompilze. Fast all the rockets from Kim Jong-un are made by Photoshop, that's bekannt everywhere. If you can't find Nordkorea with your carrier, do you mean wirklich, that Kim Jong-un will find the west coast from the USA with his rockets? Never! There is no danger. Mr. President, ask your daughter Ivanka, she wants to get a Rente too. In a couple of years. Absolutely. Please relax in your big house in Florida, drink a cold beer and let us in Ruhe.